Lassen High Superintendent Gains National Attention in Advocating Against Electric School Bus Mandates


When Lassen High attempted to purchase a few desperately needed diesel fuel buses last year, the state said that would not be possible, as only electric buses would become the new standard starting in March of last year. Superintendent Morgan Nugent fought to change that, and now, a year and major news article later, Nugent has reached national audiences by appearing on Fox and Friends. You may have seen his friendly face, the program airing at 5:40 am this morning, January 10th.

Nugent added that his and others efforts thus far have reached the ears of some in the legislative body, resulting in the CA Air Resources Board (CARB) now considering allowing 10% of their sales to be diesel buses to rural schools before the mandated deadline of going all-electric by 2035.

This was Nugent’s first time appearing on the big screen; he said despite the notoriety, he recognizes that the need to include the voices of rural communities is vital before drastic decisions by the state are made and continue his efforts to address this issue.

You can view Nugent’s interview by visiting Fox’s official website.