Lassen High Approved For 2023 Homecoming Parade


After nearly a decade since the last homecoming parade Lassen High School will see the tradition return.

Lassen High ASB President Renee Delgado, presented the idea to the city council and asked permission to close Main Street to hold the parade in front of the high school on Friday, September 29th, from 2 to 3pm. Delgado adds that the parade would feature floats for the Prince and Princess for the year, along with walking groups comprised of the Football team, Cheerleading and Drill teams, and Drumline. The High School Parade Committee is inviting all city vehicles and staff to join in the festivities as Delgado said to show their appreciation.

City administrator Dan Newton suggested the closure will cost the city up to 7,000 dollars and will stretch staff time to complete the necessary permits and paperwork, yet said staff is “pretty excited” to take on the task. Newton added the event would bolster the relationship between the High School and City and help engage younger community members in the city’s happenings.
The last year the High School held a parade welcoming the new school year was 2015.

Superintendent Morgan Nugent hopes the tradition continues and can welcome past graduates. Nugent challenged Alumni to start organizing and preparing to have a float in the 2024 Homecoming Parade.

The proposed closure will span from Weatherlow down to Alexander for a few hours on the afternoon of September 29th. Details will be confirmed for approval during the City Council’s September 6th meeting.


Photo by Robert Linder on Unsplash