Lassen County Sheriff’s Office Seeks Public Input on Off-Highway Vehicle Program


In an effort to enhance safety and preserve outdoor recreational spaces, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office is inviting your comments on their participation in the California State Parks Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Grant Program for the upcoming 2024/2025 cycle.
The Sheriff’s Office wants to hear from you. The preliminary applications for the upcoming grant cycle are now available for review on the California State Parks website.

From March 5th, 2024, to May 6th, 2024, you are encouraged to examine the proposed plans and provide valuable insights. Questions or comments can be submitted directly through the website, where the application is accessible for review. Additionally, you can choose to reach out to Sergeant Dustin Russell at the SO ([email protected]) for any further inquiries of the program.

Lassen County has a wealth of designated OHV areas and trails, drawing enthusiasts from both within and beyond its borders. With the influx of visitors, ensuring these outdoor spaces’ safe and responsible use remains a top priority for the Sheriff’s Office.

As the public review period begins, you are encouraged to actively participate, offering your unique perspectives that will shape the Sheriff’s Office’s strategies for managing OHV activities effectively.