Lassen County Sheriffs Locate Homicide Suspect Hiding in Herlong


Lassen County Sheriff’s Office and Fairfield Police Department Investigators have worked together to bring a fugitive on the run to justice.

After days of investigation, detectives from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, along with the help of the Fairfield Police Department, were able to capture the dangerous fugitive, Milton O’Neal, who is wanted for murder and domestic violence.

O’Neal had been on the run from Solano County authorities, but with the help of Investigators from Fairfield, Detectives from Lassen County were able to obtain pictures and a physical description of O’Neal.

On the evening of April 3rd, Deputies from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office responded to a medical aid call at a residence in Herlong, Ca, where they were met by a man who matched O’Neal’s description. Despite initially providing a false name and date of birth, O’Neal was quickly identified and taken into custody without incident.

O’Neal has been booked for two separate Solano County warrants for murder and corporal injury to a spouse and is being held without bail.