Lassen County Fair Announces Old Timer of the Year and Grand Marshal Award Recipients

Lassen County Fair announces the recipients of the 2023 Fair Old Timer of the Year and Grand Marshal award. Terry Jackson, owner of Jackson’s Service Center for over 50 years, will take the honor of Old Timer of the Year, and Arlan and Wanda Mallery, owners of Lassen Transfer and Storage, are the Grand Marshals.

The Old Timer of the Year award recognizes the kindness and service of senior citizens in Lassen County. Jackson is a decorated Vietnam veteran and lifelong Lassen County resident who has dedicated his life to helping others.
While the Grand Marshal Award recognizes the contributions made by community members to the quality of life in Lassen County through civic and social services, humanitarianism, and personal achievements in the arts, sports, or other fields.

The Mallerys are both Lassen High School graduates who have supported the county’s youth in many ways.

The awards honor these outstanding community members who have significantly contributed to Lassen County’s quality of life.

You can catch the winners as they will be featured in the Lassen County Fair parade.