Inclusive Books Cause Uproar at Lassen Library

The Library Board met on Thursday evening for public comment to discuss LGBTQ and parent concerns. The issue started when the library placed a small paper flag on the wall in the children’s story room representing the LGBTQ community. One librarian explained the flag that represents the LGBTQ community was displayed on the diversity and inclusivity board. Adding that the issues ideas for the board are handed down from accredited library associations for California.

Parents and other members joining the younger section of the library were left in disbelief of the new selection at their children’s eye level and a need from some members for the books displayed in a different format. One Librarian spoke out about how all libraries are inclusive centers. Citing that, out of the over 4,000 books in the library, two books were about gender identity, and four were inclusive, representing same-sex parents on at least one page. Yet, none were about sexual orientation or had an LGBTQ family as the main character.

Parents responded that it’s not the books; it’s the impression put on children that are not mentally or emotionally available or ready for those impressions. Others expressed how the American Flag is not flown inside; therefore, any other flags should be left out for equal rights.

The two and half hour discussion led to the head Librarian informing we are all family and pay for the library. Encouraging the community to come to the library and support it by checking out books and not to take sides.

The Board will resume the discussion at the next meeting to be held in May.