Health Officials Issue Holiday Warning as Poisoning Cases Rise


Phoenix’s Banner Medical Center Poison Center says there has been an increase in fall carbon monoxide poisoning, totaling nearly 50 calls since October 1. The Banner Poison and Drug Information Center emphasizes checking your carbon monoxide and fire alarms and maintaining proper hygiene during your holiday meal preparation.

With an influx of relatives and guests expected, the stage is often set for accidents that may have serious consequences. Health officials urge vigilance in securing your medications, emphasizing proper storage and disposal, and extending that to your festive alcoholic beverages, highlighting the potential dangers to young children.

Concerns about smoking and vaping risks are also addressed, as children will often ingest the substances that can lead to serious health issues. The advisory covers potential hazards associated with poisonous plants, such as poinsettias and mistletoe, proving to cause illness among children and pets.

Many toys, decorations, and other devices use batteries that youngsters can also ingest. Officials caution parents and caregivers to be cautious that they are not playing with or removing the batteries. Many are button-style and can be easily swallowed. U.S. poison centers report about 3,500 such incidents a year.

The poison and drug information center at Banner–University Medical Center Phoenix provides free and confidential poison control and medication information. The hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can Call (800) 222-1222 from any location to reach the nearest poison center.