Have You Noticed? Gas Prices Decline


Gas prices are gradually decreasing (but experts say it could only be temporary), with some just below the $5 mark, a figure unseen in months.

According to the auto club AAA, prices typically decline during the winter months due to reduced demand with fewer cars on the roads, the transition to cheaper winter-blend gas, and a slight alleviation of inflation.

However, in California, prices persist as the highest in the nation, averaging $4.85. In Lassen, Plumas, and Modoc counties, the average pump price hovers above the $5 range, ranking among the highest in the state, except for Mono County, where it exceeds $6 per gallon.

AAA reports that overall, prices have either remained stable or decreased for two consecutive months since the market peaked earlier this year.

Despite this relief, experts caution that the decline could be temporary.