Greenville Rotary Club Presents 2022 and 2023 Recipients of the Citizen of the Year Awards


The award recognizes those “that make a significant contribution to the community of Indian Valley” who are “willing to provide time,  effort, and expertise” to make a positive impact.

During the Dixie Fire Collaborative’s December 16th meeting, Greenville Rotary Representatives Travis Rubke and Leanne Schramel presented the awards.

For 2022, awards were given to Cassie Bar, for her generosity and contribution to the creation of the “Spot”, which spurred the revival of downtown Greenville and Sue Weber for her time and expertise in pulling key members of the community together following the destruction of the Dixie Fire.

Randy Hoveland was honored for this year’s Citizen of the Year Award. He was instrumental in constructing the Greenhouse and thrift store in Greenville. He provided equipment, crews, materials, and oversight, along with many hours to see the projects completion.

These community members embodied and exemplified the Greenville Rotary Club’s motto, “Service Above Self.”