Flash Flood/Debris Flow Warning


The National Weather Service has indicated the incoming storm now has a HIGH likelihood to trigger a Flash Flood/Debris Flow Warning for portions of the Dixie Fire burn scar, bringing as much as 10” of rain to some areas and 50+ mph winds. If you are within the Dixie Fire burn scar, North Complex burn scar, Beckwourth Complex, Burn scar or other impacted area you may be at a high risk of debris flows and flash flooding due to heavy rain. A Flash Flood Warning will not be issued by the NWS until flash flooding is imminent.

Currently, our chief areas of concern in Plumas County are Greenville, Indian Valley, Genesee Valley, the Feather River Canyon and Quincy La Porte Road. This does NOT mean other areas will not be impacted. If you are in a low-lying area and/or have experienced flooding in past years (such as 2017) you should stay alert to changing conditions and be ready to move to higher ground at a moment’s notice.

In the event a Flash Flood/Debris Flow Warning is issued, AND there is local evidence of imminent debris flow, then PCSO may issue an Evacuation Order to Immediately Proceed to High Ground for the area experiencing the debris flow.