FEMA Urges Safety Measures Amidst Rising Winter Home Fire Incidents


According to FEMA, more home fires occur in the first two months of the year with one out of 6 resulting from a heating source.

Staggering statistics reveal half of all home fires occur between December and February as homes battle against the cold, many utilizing multiple heat sources.

Just in the last few months, fire crews have responded to at least three home fires that heating sources in Susanville, Janesville, and Standish have caused. All occured in the attic of the homes. Those families were placed under the burden of rebuilding and displacement, with one unable to return due to the extensive damage from smoke and water.

The emergency response organization suggests ways to protect your home from fire, including keeping flammable items at least three feet from any heat source, including fireplaces, wood stoves, radiators, and space heaters.

If using a generator, keep it outside and as far away as possible from windows and doors. Only plug in a single space heater to one outlet; more than one can overload the outlet and spark a fire. Have your chimney and vents checked yearly by a qualified professional, and store your cooled ashes in a tightly covered metal container that is stored at least 10 feet from your home.

For more winter home safety tips, you can visit FEMA’s website.