Diamond View Middle School Experiences Lockdown Scare Amidst Reports of Possible Firearm


Diamond View Middle School in Susanville was placed on lockdown yesterday morning after authorities learned a student may have brought a firearm to campus.

Around 8:30 am, students riding the bus reported to the school administration that another student on board may have had the weapon.
The school went into immediate lockdown as a precautionary measure, and officers with Susanville PD arrived to assess the situation. All doors were locked, and no entry was permitted until it was cleared.

As it turned out, no gun was ever seen, and it was a “statement” that had been overheard by the reporting students while on the bus to school.

School officials and officers contacted the identified student and confirmed they had no firearm. The student was interviewed by Officers who found the statements made were not an actual threat to the school or any other student(s).

The authorities said while “these incidents may be rare in our area, each will be investigated thoroughly and quickly, with the students’ safety first.