Deadline Approaching for Plumas County Fire Safe Council’s Free Chipping Program


Act now to benefit from Plumas County Fire Safe Council’s time-limited free chipping program. Two rounds are already underway for parts of Plumas. They will help homeowners clear large branches and cut trees on their properties.

If you have a property in Twain, Indians Falls, Taylorsville, Genesee, Greenville, Lake Almanor, and Chester, the clock is ticking. You have until Friday to participate before the next visit in October.

Crews will then move to Quincy, Meadow and Butterfly Valley, Bucks Lake, and the eastern Plumas 70 corridor between Greenhorn and Sloat from Monday, June 10th, to the 14th.

The chipping service will move along the corridor the following week to include graeagle, before making their way to Portola by the end of the month. A second round of chipping has been scheduled from late September into October. A complete list of service areas and dates can be found on the Plumas Fire Safe website.

If you want to participate, you will need to get registered at

If you would like more information, you can email the Fire Safe Council’s Program Manager, Gary Parque.

The free chipping program is available through CalFire’s Wildfire Prevention Grant Program.