C&S Garbage Truck Catches Fire From Hot Embers


A C&S waste garbage truck went up in flames in Westwood. While on a route, the driver noticed flames coming from the top of the truck and immediately called for help.

The fire was caused by hot embers someone dumped into their trash bin. The embers were not entirely drowned out and were hot when placed into the truck, catching fire inside the compactor. The CHP, CalFire, and Westwood Fire responded and put out the flames.

The garbage truck did not sustain damage and could continue on its route.

C&S Waste suggests if you must dispose of the ash in your trash bin, the safest way is to place the hot ashes into a metal bin and water them down. After three to five days of resting, you can bag the ashes and put them in your trash bin.

Another safety reminder is the proper disposal of batteries and fluorescent bulbs, as these can also present hazardous situations. There are designated hazardous waste bins at the landfill where you can take these items, and if you are in doubt, call the C&S Waste offices.