Comittee Appointed to Oversee Sales Tax Revenue Spending

Four people have been appointed to the City of Susanville Sales tax oversight committee, with one pending nomination.

As was promised by the council to accompany the one percent increase when passed by voters in the June Primary Election, each member of the council nominated one individual they believed would bring their experience and knowledge to help the council oversee how the increased revenue is spent. Each nomination had to have a majority of three council members’ approval before becoming part of the committee.

Council member Schuster nominated and received approval for Tom Downing, Herrerra nominated and received support for Curtis Bortle, Schuster was the single council member to oppose his appointment, Brown nominated and received approval for Tony Ardito, and Mayor McCourt presented James Merchant. Council member Stafford had to pass on his nomination due to a conflict.

Three committee members are also involved with the CiCity’slanning Commission, and City Administrator Dan Newton said he would refer to the city attorney to confirm there is no conflict with their appointment.

Stafford will nominate the final committee member in the following council meeting. Newton added that there would be a meeting with the new committee to set meeting times and standards.