CDFW Investigates Mountain Lion Attack off Hwy299


CDFW says to fight back and try to stay standing if attacked by a mountain lion. In our neighboring county of Trinity, that’s exactly what a woman did when a mountain lion jumped on her back while she was hiking near a picnic area on SR 299 near Big Bar. Shortly after her walk began she noticed movement next to her while her dog walked a few feet in front of her, in an instant the lion swiped her across the shoulder to which her dog heard her screams and rushed to her aid. The lion was able to grab ahold of the dog’s head and would not let go, the woman fought back to try and pry the lion off her dog even gauging the lion in the eyes. She was forced to return to the road to flag a passerby down, the pair tried to pepper spray the lion but ultimately got the lion to let go after hitting it several times with some PVC pipes. The woman suffered from non-life-threatening injuries while her dog had to undergo emergency services. Law Enforcement Division is working with allied agency partners to trap the offending mountain lion and will further evaluate the situation if it is caught. The owner’s dog, a Belgian malinois suffered from deep puncture wounds but is expected to recover, and it being hailed a hero for saving its owner’s life.