CCW Data Breach Update


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CCW Data Breach Update
This week, CCW holders who were denied or granted a permit between 2011 and 2021 should
be receiving communication from the Attorney General regarding the unauthorized data
breach by the California Department of Justice (DOJ). This letter explains What Happened,
What Information Was Involved, What They Are Doing, What You Can Do, and provides contact
information for the DOJ.
To reiterate our earlier statement on this issue, we are incensed about this data breach and
remain concerned for the safety and security of our CCW holders past and present. We
strongly encourage those who receive the letter from the DOJ to take all appropriate steps to
safeguard your personal information to include enrolling in the free IDX service provided. There
will be an enrollment code on your letter from the DOJ.
A copy of the letter is attached.
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Contact information:
Chandler Peay
Deputy Sheriff/Public Information Office