Bolstering Law Enforcement in Plumas County Hinges on March 5th Ballot Measure


The Plumas Sheriff’s office hopes voters will vote yes for Measure A, a sales use tax increase, to boost the department’s funding and bolster law enforcement throughout the county.

If passed, Measure A would bring an estimated 2.4 million dollars of revenue a year to the sheriff’s office, accomplished by increasing the sales use tax from 7.25% to an even 8%, which breaks down to 75 cents for every 100 dollars you spend on goods in the county.

Sheriff Todd Johns says the funding would be critical to bringing a much-needed boost to staffing for the department, which has been suffering due to having some of the lowest wages in the state, and adds that the department cannot keep up with neighboring counties that offer impressive sign on bonuses, in the ten of thousands of dollars. Johns says he currently has 11 vacancies in his correctional staff, three deputy openings and a spot in dispatch, his numbers are close to being below staffing over 30 years ago.

An oversight committee appointed by the board of supervisors would be established if the tax is approved to help advise the sheriff’s office on how the funds should be used.

Although the funds would not be immediately realized, funds would be collected 110 days after the board of supervisors adopts the tax.