BLM Streamlines Geothermal Energy Exploration on Public Lands


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is making it easier to explore geothermal energy on public lands by adopting two existing rules from other government agencies. These rules will speed up the process for reviewing and approving proposals for geothermal exploration.

Officials state that geothermal energy is a clean energy source from heat deep within the Earth and by using these streamlined processes, the BLM hopes to encourage more geothermal energy projects, which could help move the country toward cleaner energy.

Under these rules, certain activities related to geothermal exploration won’t need as much environmental review, making it quicker to get permits. However, if a geothermal project moves to the development stage, more environmental analysis will be required.

This change applies specifically to geothermal exploration on public lands managed by the BLM, which covers a vast area in the West. Geothermal energy can be used for electricity, heating buildings, and running agricultural operations like greenhouses and aquaculture.


Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash