Avian Flu in Lassen County, Threat to Domestic Flocks


The spread of Avian flu is likely to threaten domesticated flocks in Lassen County. Brian Ehler, the biologist with the CDFW, confirms avian flu was detected in the carcasses of geese at Emmerson lake on the Golf Course just a few months ago after a concerned community member altered the department. Now recently, another instance has popped up at Eagle Lake. Ehler says dozens of birds have been reported dead on the lake. Monday, the department took a boat to collect samples, results not likely to return for several weeks.

Ehler says if you come across a dead or dying bird, do not touch it and call the CDFW. Avian flu can spread rapidly, and you could transfer the disease to your flock if you handle a bird with the virus and do not wash up properly. Avian flu has become a national epidemic forcing commercial producers to euthanize over 50 million birds between February and December this year, contributing to the nationwide egg and poultry price increases.

If you want to report any dead birds, you can reach Ehler at 530-340-6808.