Alturas Devil’s Garden Horse to Feature in Acts at Red Bluff Round-Up


A Modoc devil’s garden horse travels with the renowned “Mustang Man” to Red Bluff Round-up. Bobby Kerr, known as the Mustang man, is a distinguished horse and dog trainer who will perform as a specialty act during each performance of the Round-Up. Kerr hails from Texas, spending hundreds of hours building trust and training the horses. One of his four Mustangs, Newt, is a bit more special. The Modoc national forest service shared that Newt was once a Devil’s Garden Horse. Kerr adopted Newt from the Double Devil Wild Horse Corrals in Alturas.

Newt and his fellow horse friends, Poncho, trigger, and JT, will do a variety of tricks, including working as liberty horses (with no bridle or reins), responding to physical and verbal cues from Kerr, performing spins, lead changes, and laying down as he shoots a gun over them.

Kerr’s cow dogs are part of the act. When given whistle commands, a dog jumps onto a horse with Kerr, while the Mustang demonstrates its athleticism and ability to handle cattle. The dog works as the cow, while the Mustang does the “cutting” – separating one dog from another. Then a third horse comes into the arena, working at liberty -with voice commands only -from Kerr.

You may be able to catch more Double Devil Wild Horses with Kerr, as he recently adopted two more horses from the corrals. For now, you can catch Newt and Kerr from April 21st to the 23rd in Red Bluff for the PRCA Rodeo. This will be Kerr’s first year to entertain in Red Bluff.