Caltrans Hopeful to Open SR 70


SR 70 remains closed as adverse weather continues to threaten the stability of the highway.

The 50-mile stretch from the Greenville Wye to Jarbo gap has been closed since a second slide occurred near the Shady Rest Area about a week ago, where Caltrans has been working on blasting.

Caltrans hopes to reopen by tomorrow at 5 pm. We will keep you posted as updates become available.

Also, While the region hangs in the balance between winter and spring, and CalTrans is striving to maintain accessibility on the highways, regularly updating the status of these routes on their “QuickMap” website (, it’s crucial to note that there are numerous other county roads, not covered by this resource, that require additional scrutiny to assess their conditions.

As winter continues, a helpful reminder that several roads may experience prolonged closures due to snow and ice. While some remain unplowed, others display clear “road closed” signs.

Counties do provide periodic road status reports, found on thier respective websites.