2023 Word of the Year Declared by Merriam-Webster


In a reflection of the times, the term “Authentic” has been declared the 2023 word of the year by Merriam-Webster, with an intriguing tie to none other than Taylor Swift.

The singer and notable other celebrities like Lainey Wilson and Sam Smith have also embraced this term throughout the year, making headlines with statements about discovering their “authentic voice” and embracing their “authentic self.”

According to the dictionary, “Authentic” has become a pervasive term, symbolizing something people are contemplating, writing about, aspiring to, and evaluating more than ever.

The word claimed the title due to its peak in searches,” driven by stories and discussions about AI, celebrity culture, identity, and social media.”

Other noteworthy words mentioned in the context of the year include “Rizz,” an internet-driven slang denoting romantic appeal or charm, “Deepfake,” reflecting the infiltration of AI-generated content mimicking celebrity voices and appearances, and appearing in media advertisements. Terms like “Coronation,” “Dystopia,” and “EGOT,” also make the top cut of the words that define the year.