Lassen Sheriff’s-Susanville PD Deem Threat to County Schools a Hoax with Help from FBI


Parents with school-aged children received an alarming message from their children’s schools late afternoon Wednesday stating an unknown source sent a “threatening message”.

LC Sheriff McGarva said after administrators contacted the SO about the possible bomb threat at the local Schools an investigation was conducted.

McGarva provided a statement to our newsroom that “After coordination with federal agencies this has been determined to be a hoax. There is not a credible threat to Lassen County Schools.”

Susanville Police also responded, adding that Lassen County was not the sole recipient of the message that “numerous schools across the country” had as well.

Detective Warner with the PD said in an open statement, “The message is similar to a wave of hoax threats occurring in 2023,” confirming that this does not appear to be a credible threat at this time.

Parents can rest assured that their children are safe and can attend school as normal.