Lassen County Changes Emergency Alert Systems

Lassen County has changed emergency alert systems. This is critical for receiving alerts for many emergencies, including evacuation notices for wildfires, floods, earthquakes, and shelter-in-place situations. The County will send these alerts through GEM/ Zonehaven and leave Code RED.

In a release from the Sheriff’s office, Zonehaven is a web-based platform that identifies evacuation zones for the entire County. The Sheriff will be able to change the status of each zone in the County if an emergency occurs and can even provide suggested evacuation routes and locations. Zonehaven is also capable of identifying traffic control points. If necessary, evacuation routes will be added to Zonehaven and may be referenced when you view your zone status.

The system will also integrate with the national IPAWS(Public Alert and Warning) notification system to alter you of local emergency and life-saving information through your cell phone using Wireless Emergency Alerts. IPAWS also allows the local alerting agency to contact individuals not enrolled in the GEM alert and warning platform.

You can register a new account by visiting the Alert tab on the county website, Once you create an account, you can add as much or as little information as you wish. If you have already registered for CodeRed, your information has already been transferred to the new GEM platform, but you can log in to update or add new information.