Diamond View Middle School Goes on Soft Lock Down- Threat Determined to be Hoax


Yesterday afternoon, Diamond View Middle School went under a soft lockdown, just as the majority of students had already left campus, as Principal Dede Heimbigner stated in an open letter to parents.

The school had received a report from an outside source regarding a potential threat, although specific details were not provided. In response, the school administration promptly took action to ensure safety, bringing all remaining students and staff into the building and securing all entryways.

The Susanville Police Department was contacted to secure the campus and facilitate the safe departure of those still present. The department has since confirmed that the reported threat was a non-credible hoax. Parents can rest assured, your students can confidently return to campus today. Additionally Principal Heimbigner says not to be alarmed as you drop off your child today, as an additional precaution, officers will be present on campus.

The school is encouraging all parents to sign up for School Wise to stay informed about important notifications affecting their students.