Lassen F&W to Hear From Wolf Biologist on the Lassen Pack

California Department of Fish and Wildlife wolf biologist will be present to the Lassen Fish and Game commission this week. Kent Laudon, the region's wolf guru, will be at the special meeting tomorrow in Westwood to update the commission on the Lassen wolf pack.... Read More.

CDFW Investigated Possible Wolf Predation in South Lassen County

The California Fish and Wildlife investigates possible wolf predation in South Lassen County. On August 3rd a CDFW investigator discovered a deceased adult cow while investigating a cluster of GPS locations from a Lassen County wolf. CDFW notified the producer, who asked for an... Read More.

11 News Pups Born to Lassen & Whaleback Wolf Pack

Eleven new wolf pups have been born to two of the three wolf families here in Northern California. The Ca Department of Fish and Wildlife released its quarterly report that says 5 pups were born to the Lassen pack while 6 were born to... Read More.

3 Confirmed Wolf Kills in Lassen and Siskiyou County

Southern Lassen County and Eastern Siskiyou County have been recent hot spots for wolf predation with 3 confirmed kills. A total of 5 reports were made on the possible predation of wolves with one confirming a coyote kill while another remained unknown. The most... Read More.

Wolf Attack on Livestock

SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif. — State wildlife officials have now linked a specific wolf to an attack on livestock in Siskiyou County. Five injured calves were discovered on October 25 in Eastern Siskiyou County. All five animals had significant injuries to their left rear leg, two of... Read More.

Siskiyou County Wolf Pack has 7 pups

The brand-new wolf pack that recently settled in California’s Siskiyou County has had their first litter of 7 pups, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s wolf specialist Kent Laudon. The Whaleback Pack now sits at 9 wolves after the male gray... Read More.