Red Flag Warning

#RedFlagWarning in effect for northeastern California Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening due to gusty winds and low humidity. This is #CriticalFireWeather so use caution outdoors.


PUBLIC NOTICE 8/4/2021 11am NEW EVACUATION WARNING ISSUED DIXIE FIRE COMMUNITY MEETING IN WESTWOOD TODAY Evacuation Warnings have been issued for the following areas: • Clear Creek, south of Highway 36 from the Lassen County line east to A21 Mooney Rd. including Hwy. 147 • The area south of... Read More.

Dixie Fire Evacuation Warning

PUBLIC NOTICE 8/3/2021 1pm DIXIE FIRE EVACUATION WARNING An Evacuation Warning has been issued for the area south of Mountain Meadows Reservoir from Hamilton Branch waterway east to the Lassen/Plumas County line. While we do not believe there are any residences in the area described, we are asking the... Read More.

WaterCraft Warning

Lakes and rivers may be used as water source for firefighting aircraft which pick up water when hovering or flying across the water.  When aircraft approach at low altitudes please clear the area and stay away.

Warning Signs Your Dog is Having a Heatstroke

The RSPCA's warnings are given out for a very important reason: dogs can't handle high heat and humidity. They aren't made to handle that type of weather.  Dogs of all ages and conditions need owners to keep this in mind. A perfectly healthy puppy... Read More.