Lassen Volcanic Park Closes Highway for Winter

Lassen National Park Highway closes to through traffic for the winter and spring snow seasons. The recent fall snow storms brought heavy snow and ice to the high-elevation roadway leaving it unsafe for heavy travel from visitors. Yet that does not mean you cannot enjoy... Read More.

Lassen Volcanic Ntl Park Keeps HWY thru Park Closed Due to Snow

The Lassen Volcanic National Park reminds you that the highway running through the park remains closed following the winter storm. Highway 89 is closed from the Kohm Yah-mah-nee Visitor Center from the Southwest entrance and Loomis Plaza from the Northwest entrance. The park received... Read More.

More Winter Closures in the Lassen Volcanic Ntl Park

The Lassen Volcanic Park warns visitors that no food or gas is available in the Manzanita Lake area. The park service has closed the camper store for the winter season. You can still access the Manzanita Lake Campground and the park highway, as both... Read More.

Lassen National Volcanic Park Begins Hazard Tree Removal Project

Post Dixie Fire recovery continues with a new hazard tree removal project. Crews will remove hazard trees along the Lassen Volcanic National park highway and in Warner Valley and Juniper Lake areas. Work is currently occurring at the Southwest Walk-in Campground and Drakesbad Guest Ranch.... Read More.

Lassen Volcanic Park Highway Re-Opens

You’re in luck if you are thinking of traveling to the Lassen National Volcanic park this weekend. The park highway is once again open to traffic. The park service is reporting that Lake Helen received more than half an inch... Read More.

Lassen Volcanic National Park Opens Juniper Lake Campgrounds

Lassen Volcanic National Park announces the opening of the Juniper Lake Campground. The area located in the Eastern part of the park was devastated by the Dixie fire along with destroying 7 of the 8 heritage cabins in the area.

Plan on Delays Through the Lassen Volcanic Park

More delays for your summer recreation travel plans. Lassen Volcanic National Park's 30-mile highway is getting a new top coat. You can expect delays of up to 30 minutes from now until August 15 for chip sealing. Ways for you to enjoy the wait though... Read More.

Hikers, Bikers, and Pets Welcomed at Lassen Ntl Volcanic Park

The Lassen National Volcanic Park highway is snow-free just past Loomis Plaza now. If you bike, hike,or want to take your pet on a walk through the park you now have access during the non-motorized spring season. Snow clearing operations usually begin in March... Read More.