5 Million in Direct Payments go to Dixie Fire Victims

Thirteen people who were impacted with losses during the Dixie Fire have received nearly 5 million dollars in claim settlements as PG&E rolls out the first direct recovery payments. There have been a total of 120 claims made to date with more payments scheduled... Read More.

Ballots for Displaced Fire Victims Sit at Quincy Courthouse

Ballots for displaced fire victims remain sitting in the Quincy courthouse. Those who lost their homes and have been forced to relocate will not have their ballots forwarded to their new addresses. If you live in Indian valley and have been displaced by the... Read More.

Collision on 395 Sends Multiple Victims to Hospitals

An all too familiar scene along highway 395 at sears Road. A vehicle was broadsided by an oncoming vehicle after attempting to cross the highway. Multiple people involved in the collision were transported to hospitals some by care flight for their injuries that CHP... Read More.


PROPERTY LOSS INFORMATION FOR BECKWOURTH FIRE VICTIMS Lassen County Sheriff Office Public Notice Cal Fire is offering property loss information for Beckwourth fire victims through a web-based application. Residents are able to access information for their specific property by clicking the link below, agreeing to the terms of service,... Read More.