Burger King to Upgrade Look and Drive-Thru

Burger king is seeking to make some upgrades to their building and drive thru. The restaurant owner is seeking a use permit from the Susanville Planning commission to reconfigure its drive through as well as improve thebuildings outside appearance. The drive thru area would be widened... Read More.

Southern Cascades Proposes Upgrade to Weather Advanced Helicopter

Southern Cascades seeks the help of Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s office with its proposed upgrading of the areas medical helicopter. The problem is they don’t have the hangar necessary to house the advanced machine that is required for upkeep and maintenance. As it stands the... Read More.

Honey Lake Power Completes 300,000 Dollar Upgrade

Honey Lake Power completes 300,000 dollar upgrade to equipment during their fall maintenance. Each year in spring and fall the plant shut down for up to two weeks to complete maintenance work. It happens that the equipment that failed during the Dixie fire causing... Read More.