Modoc FS Trail Team Rehabs Medicine Lake Trails

Modoc National Forest’s trail team has been out at medicine lake working on clearing the trails. The team removed dead and fallen trees along the paths as well as marked trailheads with orange diamonds throughout the trail to help you stay within... Read More.

600 Mile Network of Trails will Compose the Lost Sierra Trail

A 600 mile network of trails will soon be connecting the rural towns of Northern California to Reno. The project is the vision of The Connected Communities Project in partnership with the Sierra butte trail Stewardship, US Forest and various community partners. The trail... Read More.

Lake Almanor Trails Near Canyon Dam Assessed

Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) team from Stanislaus completed phase 1 of trail assessments of burned areas of the Dixie fire. Several trails within the Lake Almanor Recreation Trail near Canyon Dam were found to have numerous hazardous trees, obstructed trails and loss of... Read More.