Open Houses Aim to Gather Your Input on New OHV Trails

The Sierra Butte Trail Stewardship wants your thoughts on updating and building trails in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service. The grant cycle for OHV use is underway, and the non-profit and the Tahoe National Forest will hold a series of open houses to... Read More.

BLM Seeks Your Input on Local OHV Trails for Grant Funding

If you think OHV trails in the area could use improvement, The Bureau of Land Management’s Northern District is looking for your thoughts.A virtual public meeting for OHV recreation on public lands was held this week for the Redding, Arcata, and Eagle Lake field... Read More.

Seeing Orange Diamonds? Modoc NF Marks Trails

When visiting the Modoc National Forest you’ll start to see some strange orange diamonds along the trails.The Forest Service has begun to mark trailheads and the path of the trail by marking trees with reflective brightly colored shapes to... Read More.