UAW vote at Tennessee plant will test resurgent labor movement

(NEW YORK) -- Carmakers and labor leaders are closely watching for results to be released on Friday in a seismic union election that could supercharge organizing in the nation’s auto sector and demonstrate the strength of a resurgent labor movement through a victory in... Read More.

North Korea conducts test of underwater nuclear weapon system: KCNA

(NEW YORK) -- North Korea conducted a test of its underwater nuclear weapon system in response to the United States, Japan and South Korea's "joint military exercises," state-run media Korean Central News Agency said on Friday.The "joint maritime exercises" conducted by the three countries,... Read More.

SpaceX launches Starship rocket in explosive 2nd test flight

(BOCA CHICA, Texas) -- SpaceX launched its Starship rocket Saturday morning for the deep-space vehicle's second test flight, during which the booster exploded after separating and the spacecraft apparently detonated after reaching space.SpaceX officials said the mega rocket -- which is designed to bring NASA... Read More.

FEMA will test cellphone emergency alert system Wednesday

(NEW YORK) -- Americans' cellphones will get an alert from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday. But don't worry, there is no need to panic -- it is only a test.Every year, FEMA partners with national wireless carriers to run a test of... Read More.