Comittee Appointed to Oversee Sales Tax Revenue Spending

Four people have been appointed to the City of Susanville Sales tax oversight committee, with one pending nomination. As was promised by the council to accompany the one percent increase when passed by voters in the June Primary Election, each member of the council nominated... Read More.

Tax Oversight Committee to Be Appointed by City Council

This Wednesday, the Susanville City Council will appoint members to the promised Sales Tax Oversight Board. When voters approved the one percent increase in the City’s sales tax during the June primary, an advisory committee was part of the deal. As of October 1st, that... Read More.

Susanville’s New Tax Increase Begins October

California’s Tax and Fee Administration released the New Sales Tax and Use Tax Rates going into effect by October 1st following June’s Elections. The City of Susanville is among three other cities statewide and eight counties to increase their sales tax, yet remains at... Read More.

General Sales Tax to be on June Ballot for Susanville Voters

A general use sales tax, established as measure “Q”, will be on the June ballot for the Primary elections for the voters of Susanville. The city council unanimously agreed to proceed with presenting the measure at Wednesdays Council meeting. City Administrator Dan Newton shared... Read More.