Target limits self-checkout for customers with 10 items or fewer

Target has brought a change into what was considered a quicker alternative for its customers to make purchases at its stores.The retail corporation announced Thursday via press release that it would switch its regular self-checkout to express self-checkout. The new concept would be reserved... Read More.

Amazon, Target, Walmart to stop selling water beads

(NEW YORK) -- Amazon, Target and Walmart, three of the largest retailers in the U.S., have announced they will stop selling water beads amid growing pressure in recent years to remove the products following reports of injuries and deaths of children who have swallowed... Read More.

Snowstorms target New England and Pacific Northwest

(NEW YORK) -- Storms are targeting both coasts on Sunday, with rain and snow slamming the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest.On the East Coast, a rainstorm soaked Philadelphia, New York and Boston on Sunday.Several inches of snow are piling up Sunday into Monday from the... Read More.