District 5 Supes Race Widens

The race between Tom Traphagena and Jason Ingram for the Lassen County District 5 Supervisors widens. With Wednesday's updated result counts, Ingram pulls further ahead, widening the gap between the two highly contested candidates by nearly 50 votes. Over 60 % of the county turned... Read More.

Lassen Supes Race for District 5 Has New Leader

The race for Lassen County Supervisorial District 5 hangs now on a matter of 35 votes as new results come with Friday's evening update. Now the lead has shifted from Tom Traphagen to Jason Ingram who holds 51% of the vote. All other county races... Read More.

Lassen Supes Meeting Accepts Inmate Donation and Increases IHSS Wage

High Desert State Prison inmates will donate to the county. Yearly, inmates participate in a fundraiser and choose an organization to “give back” to the community. This year they decided to donate the funds to Lassen County’s Behavioral Health Prevention program. During the Board of Supervisors... Read More.

Plumas Supes Begin to Interview to Fill County Auditor Seat

Plumas County Supervisors move to appoint an auditor after successfully filling the County Administrator position. Both are elected seats, yet not one person filed to take the offices during the June Primary. Three candidates were interviewed this week in an open session in front of... Read More.

Plumas Supes to Discuss County Economic Development

Plumas County Board of Supervisors will look towards economic development at their board meeting tomorrow. The board will hear a presentation from Kristin York, VP of Economic Empowerment. Plumas county has faced a downfall in tourism and bringing back business as a result of... Read More.