SO Says to Stay off County Road A-21

The sheriff's office would like to remind you that A-21 is closed due to snow. The sheriff's office reached out on social media to warn drivers not to abide by the barricades indicating that the road is closed as they have been responding to... Read More.

LHS to Attempt to Stay Ahead of Bus Driver Shortage

Lassen High school gets proactive to avoid bus driver shortage.Across neighboring school districts a shortage of bus drivers have impacted student’s abilities to get to and from school. In the greater Reno area a local church bus service stepped in to help and the... Read More.

Stay Out of The Water at Lake Siskiyou

An urgent public notice went out for lake goes at Lake Siskiyou to stay out of the water. The Siskiyou office of emergency services alerted that the North Shore of the lake has been found to be contaminated. Several families who have enjoyed the... Read More.