SPD November Crime Stats

November's Susanville Police Department has released November's crime stats. Dispatch received over 1600 incidents throughout the month, slightly down from October's numbers. Resulting was 34 arrests, 12 of those for a felony, significantly down from the month prior as well. 40 Traffic violations were... Read More.

Non-Emergency Lines Down for LCSO and SPD

The Lassen County Sheriff's Office and Susanville Police Department's phone systems will be down. At the same time, the dispatch center undergoes service work, and there is a new temporary non-emergency line to call. This morning for a brief 2-hour window that started from... Read More.

SPD and LC Sheriff’s Welcome New Graduates

The Lassen County Sheriffs and the Susanville police department will be welcoming a few new officers to their ranks as class 008 just completed graduation from the College of the Siskiyou Law Enforcement Academy. On Saturday the Lassen County sheriff’s office congratulated and now welcomes Deputy Sheriff... Read More.