Highway 70 Slide Repairs Continue

Caltrans is reminding you that there are still major delays on highway 70. A recent video from district 2 shows crews working to strengthen the slope near the Opapee Creek Outlet after the debris flows in June. You can still expect to... Read More.

Monument Slide Work Paused Over Holiday Weekends

Work on the Monument Slide on hwy 299 will be paused over the Christmas and New Year holiday weekends. Yet the hwy will be under one-way traffic control at the slide area starting tomorrow through Sunday. Regular hours will resume on Monday, December 27 through Thursday,... Read More.

CalTrans SR 70 Update – Slide Remains Active

State Route 70 remains closed between Jarbo Gap and the Greenville Wye due to renewed activity at the slide area near the Butte/Plumas County line. The slide became active again during the early morning hours on Monday, December 13. More activity and debris fall... Read More.

Hwy 70 Closed Due to Slide Activity

After just re-opening hwy 70 is again closed from Jarbo Gap to the Greenville wye due to slides and debris flows. Hwy 172 is also closed just South of mineral to Mill Creek due to snow and winter weather conditions.

Blasting on Hwy 70 Rock Slide Sees Some Success

Blasting on the hwy 70 rock slide has been successful. The blasts have loosened fractured rock from the slope and near the roadway. Minor blasting is expected to continue to remove and bring more debris closer to the roadway. Once scaling and blasting operations... Read More.