Stay Out of The Water at Lake Siskiyou

An urgent public notice went out for lake goes at Lake Siskiyou to stay out of the water. The Siskiyou office of emergency services alerted that the North Shore of the lake has been found to be contaminated. Several families who have enjoyed the... Read More.

3 Confirmed Wolf Kills in Lassen and Siskiyou County

Southern Lassen County and Eastern Siskiyou County have been recent hot spots for wolf predation with 3 confirmed kills. A total of 5 reports were made on the possible predation of wolves with one confirming a coyote kill while another remained unknown. The most... Read More.

Siskiyou County Wolf Pack has 7 pups

The brand-new wolf pack that recently settled in California’s Siskiyou County has had their first litter of 7 pups, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s wolf specialist Kent Laudon. The Whaleback Pack now sits at 9 wolves after the male gray... Read More.