Caltrans & Hat Creek Complete Repairs to SR70 Sinkhole

Caltrans and Hat Creek begin Phase 2 of SR70 sinkhole repairs. The sinkhole appeared over winter due to oversaturated grounds. Initial repairs were made when the weather cleared, yet final repairs were needed. If you are traveling Hwy 70 near Beckwourth today, be aware... Read More.

Sinkhole Near Beckwourth Grows

The sinkhole on SR 70 is getting larger. With continued water-logged roads and a nearby flooded culvert, Caltrans says the sinkhole has grown to an impressive 8 feet wide and 6 feet deep. It takes up the entire westbound lane between A23 and A24,... Read More.

Sinkhole Shuts Down Highway 70 Near Beckwourth

Recent storms have caused heavy damage to SR 70 near Beckwourth. A large sinkhole appeared late yesterday afternoon, nearly taking down a propane truck. The CHP and Caltrans have closed down the stretch of highway from the Beckwourth Calpine road (A23) to county road... Read More.