Lassen County SO Grant Funds New Positions

Lassen County Sheriff's Department has made great strides in obtaining grants in their department. The department applied for an $800,000 grant and was awarded the funds to help fill positions in the Tobacco Prevention Program.They allowed two positions to open for an officer in... Read More.

Sheriff’s Office Shares Updated Pictures of Escapee

Over the weekend, the Lassen County Sheriff’s office released updated pictures of the inmate who escaped the jail Thursday evening. After being able to cut fencing covering a 25-foot concrete wall in an exercise yard, with the help of other inmates, Angelo Atencio slipped... Read More.

Plumas Sheriff’s Investigate IVCSD Sewage Pump Tampering

Plumas County Sheriffs are investigating possible tampering with Indian Valley CSD infrastructure that threatened the areas drinking water. Heading into the 4th of July weekend a report of tampering with a sewage pump in Taylorsville was made that caused a large sewage spill. The... Read More.

SPD and LC Sheriff’s Welcome New Graduates

The Lassen County Sheriffs and the Susanville police department will be welcoming a few new officers to their ranks as class 008 just completed graduation from the College of the Siskiyou Law Enforcement Academy. On Saturday the Lassen County sheriff’s office congratulated and now welcomes Deputy Sheriff... Read More.