Lassen County Public Health Bolsters Ambulatory Services

Lassen County’s Public Health Department has bolstered the county’s ambulatory services. Public Health has been approved to purchase medical work stations and mobile CPR gurneys. The equipment will be dispersed to the four ambulatory services within the county going to the farthest outreaches first... Read More.

Internet Services Down Across Quincy and Eastern Plumas

Internet services are down across Quincy and Eastern Plumas. Plumas Sierra Telecommunications crews have narrowed in on the outage location near Johnsville. Crews are in route to begin repairs. Yet the cause of the outage is still unknown. PST does not have an estimated... Read More.

Heavy Snowfall Limits Trash Collection Services

You’re not alone if you still have full trash cans sitting out in front of your home. With Christmas wrapping and family and friends visiting like many your trash is overflowing. C&S waste is servicing as many homes as they can. Yet due to... Read More.