LNF Forest Closes Washed Out Forest Service Road

A road in the Eagle Lake Ranger District of the Lassen National Forest has been closed. The forest road known as Baxter Rd along Baxter Creek has been washed out due to the recent storm systems throughout the region. This is in the Eagle... Read More.

Plumas Forest Service Says Prepare for Variable Weather

Plumas Forest Service warns you of variable weather this weekend and to be prepared for shifting conditions. Whether you plan a day hiking trip, camping, or fishing trip weather is expected to change throughout the next few days from hot temperatures to strong gusty... Read More.

Forest Service Warns Trail Users of Caribou Wilderness Status

The Caribou Wilderness will likely remain uncleared of Dixie Fire damage through the year. The U. S. Forest Service reminds visitors that the area was heavily impacted by the fire and burned almost to its entirety. Trail conditions have not been assessed either and... Read More.

Summer Bizz Johnson Trail Shuttle Service Returns

This weekend bus shuttle service returns to the Bizz Johnson. Starting Saturday you can enjoy a ride tailored to help you enjoy the trails, and no better day to launch than National Trails Day. The Bureau of Land Management and Lassen Rural bus have... Read More.

Some Fire Restrictions Reissued by Forest Service

Fire restrictions have been reissued by the forest service ahead of the coming holidays. Summer brings more people outdoors and the forest service has put back into place an order that prohibits the use of any materials that would create an explosive, stops you... Read More.

Sierra County Forest Service Updates Campground Openings

Sierra County Forest Service says campgrounds are on schedule to open by Memorial Day weekend. Tree injury and mortality has been contributing to the delay in opening of some campgrounds throughout the forest but Ramshorn campgrounds and other were confirmed ready, while Union Flat... Read More.