Seneca HC Breaks Ground on New Facility Wednesday

Seneca Healthcare District is set to embark on a significant milestone as they prepare for a groundbreaking ceremony this week to mark the commencement of their new hospital building project. The state-mandated facility aims to meet seismic requirements and will feature a modern design,... Read More.

Seneca Kicks-off New Build with Groundbreaking Ceremony

A monumental step for Seneca Healthcare District will take place in the coming week as a groundbreaking ceremony will celebrate the kick-off to the new hospital building project.According to Seneca, the new facility, mandated by the state to meet seismic requirements, will offer much-needed... Read More.

Seneca Healthcare District Receives Generous Donation

Seneca Healthcare receives a generous donation from the hospital's auxiliary.Thirty-three thousand dollars was received at a June 14th luncheon where CEO Shawn McKenzie accepted the funds thanking the auxiliary for their continued support of the hospitals over the years. Since the auxiliary’s inception in... Read More.

Seneca Launches New Electronic Health Records System

Seneca Healthcare has launched its new electronic health record systems but advises you to expect a few delays during your visits.MySeneca offers full access to review lab results, most recent doctors' visits, and upcoming appointments with the capability to message your provider. The new... Read More.

Seneca Seeks Timber Removal in Step Towards New Build

Seneca Healthcare District is seeking timber removal services to begin the first steps in constructing its replacement facility in Chester.With the passage of Bond Measure B last June, the district has secured the ability to rebuild and meet the state’s deadline of 2030, requiring... Read More.

Seneca Healthcare District Moves to Electronic Health Records

Seneca Healthcare will transition to an electronic health record system by the summer. The healthcare district has been overhauling its record-keeping for the past 9 months. The new records system, Cerner Community Works, will act as the main system for patient care, medical records,... Read More.