Back to School Bus Safety

It’s BACK TO SCHOOL time so here is a reminder about the CA laws for stopping for School Buses On a two-lane road, if a school bus has their stop arm out, all lanes must stop. On a multi-lane, one-way street, if a school bus has... Read More.

Back to School Start Delayed

First day of school get pushed back to Aug 30th. The district announced in light of the evacuation status of many families and teachers in the community as well as the impact the Dixie Fire has on our community they feel it is necessary... Read More.

2021-2022 School Year Mask Requirement

With school starting just around the corner the question on all your minds are, will students be required to wear masks yet again? Patty Gunderson, Lassen County’s Superintendent of Schools, answers yes. Because the Governor declared a state of emergency, TK to 12th grade... Read More.