Calling All Rock Collectors

The Warner Mountains are opening back up for obsidian collection. Four sites will open for your excavation beginning July 1st through Labor day weekend. You can get one day permits and bring up to two 5 gallon buckets to bring home your collection. You... Read More.

Argentine Rock Lookout in Need of Volunteer Help

You can volunteer to help restore a historical forest fire lookout. The Plumas national forest Argentine Rock Lookout is in need of repairs and the Forest fire Lookout Association is looking for volunteers. Their goal for the lookout is to use it as a... Read More.

Blasting on Hwy 70 Rock Slide Sees Some Success

Blasting on the hwy 70 rock slide has been successful. The blasts have loosened fractured rock from the slope and near the roadway. Minor blasting is expected to continue to remove and bring more debris closer to the roadway. Once scaling and blasting operations... Read More.