Last Day for Required Masking in Schools

Today marks the last day your children and their teachers will be required to wear a mask when in their classrooms. The California Department of Public Health will still highly recommend the use of a mask when indoors in these settings but the mandate... Read More.

Reservations Required When Visiting Yosemite

You’ll need to make reservations to visit Yosemite National Park. A new reservation system will go into effect May 20th during peak hours. The goal is to help spread visitors throughout the park to avoid overcrowding in popular areas and encourage visitors during non-peak... Read More.

Chains required on 80

I-80 has reopened over the summit, but only to cars. Semi-trucks are still being held. Also, chains are required on I-580 between Reno and Carson City. Get more weather updates here: the snow is flying!!! Chain control: I-80 is R2 Donner Lake Rd to Kingvale in... Read More.