Lassen National Volcanic Park Begins Hazard Tree Removal Project

Post Dixie Fire recovery continues with a new hazard tree removal project. Crews will remove hazard trees along the Lassen Volcanic National park highway and in Warner Valley and Juniper Lake areas. Work is currently occurring at the Southwest Walk-in Campground and Drakesbad Guest Ranch.... Read More.

Alturas and Plumas Homes to See Waste Removal Rate Increases

Alturas Waste Management serviced homes receive an increase in garbage and trash collection fees. Waste management argued for a higher increase largely due to the increase of fuel prices at almost 11 percent. Yet the city’s contract with waste management limited increases of no... Read More.

ROE And Debris Removal Update And Next Steps

After the November 30th deadline passes, financial assistance will no longer be provided to property owners. In February, the state plans to complete free debris removal for parcels that presented a completed ROE before the November 30th deadline. The County will then follow the... Read More.