District 5 Supes Race Widens

The race between Tom Traphagena and Jason Ingram for the Lassen County District 5 Supervisors widens. With Wednesday's updated result counts, Ingram pulls further ahead, widening the gap between the two highly contested candidates by nearly 50 votes. Over 60 % of the county turned... Read More.

Lassen Supes Race for District 5 Has New Leader

The race for Lassen County Supervisorial District 5 hangs now on a matter of 35 votes as new results come with Friday's evening update. Now the lead has shifted from Tom Traphagen to Jason Ingram who holds 51% of the vote. All other county races... Read More.

LHS Staff to Undergo Training in Race and Ethnicity Discrimination

Lassen Union High School must undergo corrective training following the California Department of Education decision. In February, an incident in the high school parking lot involving airsoft guns resulted in three students of color being disciplined while two white students received lesser penalties. The concern... Read More.

California’s Eye on the Governor’s Race

Californians are watching the Governor’s race closely, says a recent poll of voters. If the election were to be held today likely voters show, 58 percent would vote for Gavin Newsom and 31 percent would vote for Brian Dahle, Lassen... Read More.


Round 5 flyer is here!! @lassen_mc_1967 is hosting their race Sunday September 25th at Dry Valley OHV. All MRANN races will be on Sunday as NHHA is racing on Saturday. • Pre entry will be open in the next couple days. • There... Read More.

Night Race this Saturday at Fort Sage OHV

Fort Sage OHV Area is holding a night race this Saturday. The Bureau of Land Management says nearly 40 motorcycle racers will converge on the area forming 20 teams to race the trails from the hours on 9 pm to midnight. The event is... Read More.

American Valley Speedway Race July 16th

QUINCY, CALIFORNIA (July 16) — American Valley Speedway staged the next round of its 2022 season Saturday. It was a good night full of a hard racing and a lot of action on the track. That action began right at the start of the Mini... Read More.